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Welcome to


Supporting healthy and productive lifestyles

SMARTS Farm actively pursues its mission of supporting healthy and productive lifestyles for the community while teaching, enhancing, and connecting residents and youth to fresh produce and education about urban gardening. Programs include multiple workshop venues and hands-on gardening opportunities for young people, as well as community garden plots for nearby residents.

Upcoming Events Downtown

Past Events Downtown

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This was one awesome day at SMARTS Farm and our girls loved meeting everyone. Thank you to OH San Diego.
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We are thrilled to be a part of San Diego Architectural Foundation’s Open House San Diego this year. Please join us Saturday, March 23rd, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Location: 1326 Broadway San Diego, CA 92101
Calling All Teachers!

Nothing says fun like getting your hands dirty. At SMARTS Farm we offer fun educational experiences for all your students.

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Opportunities for Youth

SMARTS Farm offers the youth of our community the opportunity to dig in dirt and watch things grow.

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Community Garden Plots

A number of our easy-to-garden planter boxes are available for lease to community residents.

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Event Space

Your guests will enjoy the natural and urban surroundings of the SMARTS Farm.

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